Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Neuchatel Battalion

Neuchâtel Battalion a.k.a "The Canaries" (Front Rank miniatures)

See also the Regiment of Isembourg, by clicking here !

Grenadier, chasseur and voltigeur:

Standard bearer and officer :

Sapper, sergeant, drummer :


  1. I like them. The yellow came out really well. I have to paint Spanish Dragoons next and have been thinking about the best way to achieve the yellow.

    I have a Neuchatel Battalion that I painted twenty years ago - and it shows. Was thinking of doing them again because they are so colourful, but in the end decided to stick with what I had.

    1. Thanks !

      Yellow uniforms are quite rare but very funny to paint.

      I used a layer of Vallejo 70.873 US field drab, then I brushed with Vallejo 70.913 yellow ochre and then with vallejo 70.953 flat yellow.

  2. Félicitations , très belle peinture , les détails sont parfait ...Et que dire du drapeau ..